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Wolfen-Waldau - in the change of ages

Here you are in the district of Wolfen, which is always there with me together with the current weather report under every statement on the net. That led to the grotesque situation that after the broadcast of the broadcast 1998 Mail landed with me that was only addressed to Wolfen-Waldau. Since the village of Waldau also exists in real life, I have sometimes been located somewhere else in Germany.

Waldau has been in Wolfen since 1995 and after 20 years it was time to make changes because mother nature had reclaimed the area and I couldn't have stopped repairing it. Time to think about how to continue the hobby. Learning from the mistakes of the first system, I then designed a garden railway system in 2019, which also allows the operation of large machines that could not have run on the earlier system. I always avoided exhibitions to give the big machines like an E94 or Ludmilla enough run-out.

The track should be easier to reach than a ground facility, because at some point your body thinks that crawling around on your knees should be reserved for the younger ones. The massive design with horticultural elements required the use of special company, because with concrete elements weighing 42 kg I would have had to capitulate. However, the character of a garden railway in the countryside should be retained.

After all, there is an almost 100-year-old apple tree in the complex, which I didn't want to annoy. It is only intended to provide shade so that the hobby can still be fun in summer when temperatures exceed 30 degrees. The inclusion of bridges, apart from the fact that a bascule bridge allows wheelchair users to drive onto the meadow and thus the possibility of reaching any point on the layout, which was previously not possible with the ground layout.

For the people who would still like to remember this facility, I left the old things outside - if you want to rummage there, you are welcome to continue doing so. However, the development does not stand still and will be documented here under Garden Railway 2.0. Current pictures/recordings are also to be seen in my YT channel.

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