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Here are some links to institutions, firms producing material for garden railroading, to people who are as "crazy" as I and further information about handicap themes, respectively. Please excuse me that these links are partly available only in german. If there is a problem with any link, please sent a short message to I will correct it as soon as possible.

Railway - Links

Ardeche Miniatures Website from France about a garden layout with a comprehensive compilation of other garden layouts and narrow-gauge railways.
Bahnsuche A searching engine specialized on railways in Big and small.
A forum of garden railroaders where you can find some video clips of mine too.
C.G.E.B Garden layout of Mr. Bernd Caspar with interesting self-made vehicles like a loco cleaning the tracks.
Die Waldeisenbahn Muskau heute Little history about a former narrow-gauge railway corporation in Eastern Germany (some cars on my layout were in operation on that tracks in real).
Freundeskreis Selketalbahn e.V. Klaus Gottschling from Dresden/Germany who is involved in the activities to preserve the railway Selketalbahn in the Harz-Mountains (on my layout some vehicles of this society are still in operation) and who can be reached by his own web-site.
GARTENBAHN - Diskussionsforum A forum of people in Germany to be enganged with garden railways.
Hannes Lux Homepage of electronics specialist who isn't really a garden railroader, is it?.
Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB)
Homepage of HKB Homepage of Jens Heinke and his family with their garden railway society with photos annd advices of building model houses on their own.
Homepage by Ralf Mühlbichler Garden-railwayman in Southwestern Germany with some links to other garden railway men.
Impressions of the HOWI Railway Fans of garden railways of L.G.B. in the Saarland/Germany with photos and descriptions of the trains they use on their garden layout.
Interessengemeinschaft Modellbahn Schkeuditz Site of some "crazy" men near Leipzig/Germany where I was allowed to organise some garden railway meetings in the last years.
L.G.B. Lehmann Groß-Bahnen, Manufacturer of garden railway material of the gauge II m - in between Märklin. On my layout, mainly rolling stock of this firm is in operation.
LGB in Görlitz Homepage of some L.G.B. fans in the Lusatian region/Germany showing not only photos of the layouts but also of the families without them this hobby wouldn't be possible.
Manfreds Homepage - Index A blues-loving vocational school teacher who presents the development of his model railway passion from his childhood till now (from size N to G) with pictures of several layouts.
Model Railroader Model railroading magazine in the U.S.A. with remarkable layouts, reviews of new products, and amazing color photos.
Modellautobahnen Not directly related with garden railroading but is just worthwhile to see because of the activities in this smale scale.
Nassauische Touristikbahn (NTB) An association which devotes with much engagement to the route Wiesbaden - Diez through the wonderful mountains of the Taunus.
Private Garden Layouts Here you can find a list of private garden layouts which can be found by homepages in the internet.
Schmalspurbahn Lexikon Deutschland An extensive web-site by Ralf Mueller from Berlin with informations about the original engines and wagons used on my garden layout including park trains.
Spur G Blog News of the garen railwas of Mr.Thorsten Bresges. Club with 5 inches -layout in the heart of Germany.
Traditionsverein Kleinbahn des Kreises Jerichow I e.V. (KJ-I e.V.) The Fabricius family at their hobby, where where the son is concerned with the construction of an EMD F7 as a live diesel engine.
Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg Interesting information with pictures and animations (also about railways) in several languages. A huge model layout in Hamburg/Germany...
WinRail X2 Software for planning a layout for various gauges for Windows by Gunnar Blumert from Burg / Dithmarschen (Northern Germany).

Here are still some other links (handicaps, diving etc.)

Unfallopfer-Homepage Information and links regarding themes of handicap and holidays, handicap and motorical movability etcb (unfortunately only in german).
Tauchschule Lutz Kamski There I could make my dive certificate. It is a diving school which dive teachers have all necessary brevets for handicapped diving.
Sharkproject "If sharks die, the sea dies" - an organization struggling against the extinction of the sharks being so important for the ecological system of the ocean.
Handicap's Home - Willi Költgen from Cologne A homepage with some advices and photos concerning reconstruction of cars and bikes for disabled people.
O.A.S.I.S. LLC A little firm in New York with some interesting products for disabled people to discover...
Internet und Behinderung A link collection about all forms of human disabilities (unfortunately only in german).
STARTRAMPE.NET A forum for paraplegics (unfortunately only in german).
Behinderten-Ratgeber e.V. "Te fact to be not disabled isn't a credit but a gift that could be taken away at any time" - as simple thought on the homepage of the german association "Der Behinderten-Ratgeber" (advisor for disabled - unfortunately only in german). The ressources about offences due to computer use- against offences in the Internet - Informations and forum.
WIeND The dependent OnLine newspaper with interesting themes (unfortunately only in german).
Metareha An interesting data base for "wheelee's" dealing not only with wheel chairs (unfortunately only in german). The serious dating community for people with handicap. (in german)

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