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In this area I want to show photos in no particular order being taken during meetings of garden railway fans or at home at my layout. The earlier mentioned television broadcast resulted to a lot of visitors coming over here (the longest journey of all had a family from the U.S.A. - the Peters family was here in november 2000) to see the layout with their own eyes on one side and on the other, on fairs or exhibitions there was the opportunity to pick up the acquaintances of people who saw the broadcast too and who recognized me. Then the homepage resulted of course to certain level of publicity and as a consequence I've got under my name "bahnrolli" many contacts to other fans of the modell railways meanwhile. Since I was for the first time in the internet with my own homepage some years ago this development wasn't to be expected - that's why I'm glad about that because it shows that this beautiful and especially creative hobby has many adherents.
Especially I'm happy about the fact that these contacts exceed the circle of railway fans. One example is a special lesson in a school in Cologne/Germany where I could talk a little bit about me and my interests additional to some vehicles I showed there. But one thing after another.

Klasse 8a

The class 8a of the Municipal School of Educationally Subnormal Children Kolkrabenweg

Since I stay often in the GiMiX-chat during a session I was contacted by a teacher of the Municipal School of Educationally Subnormal Children Kolkrabenweg in Cologne/Germany and she asked me if she could use my homepage for her lessons. She had the opinion that my site contains more information being worthwhile to be mentioned than only about railways - for instance the facts about my physical handicap. I gladly agreed. Accidentally the broadcast ealier mentioned was on tv again some days later and as a cosequence of it all the pupils of this class - it is the class 8a - decided to invite me to a lesson. In middle of september 2000 I stayed in that region so I had the unique opportunity to take part. The pupils prepared themselves extensively for this meeting and got collected all their questions. After a short introduction where parts of the broadcast mentioned above had been showed an animated conversation developped quickly. I brought some model railway vehicles with me - a steam locomotive (the model of the saxonian IVK) and some cars - to provide for the possibility to the children not only to see it on fotos or video but to feel it. I let me getting surprised by the questions of the pupils so I answered to questions after my hobby, my personal situation with the physical handicap or after preferences like for instances my favorite meal, book, film or soap (to this question I didn't find any answer....). But there were also questions after my origin - nevertheless I grew up in a political system that the pupils didn't know or didn't have any imaginations about it at all. This so-called multi-categorical lesson - contents had been treated in a way that couldn't have been explain more vividly in a normal history or social lesson - was perfectly completed musicaly by an additional member of the GiMiX-chat on a way that both sides - the storytellers (the singer) as well as the listeners had a lot of fun. I also considered this as a good thing because in my musical lessons many years ago I didn't sing "Barbra Ann" at the top of my voice yet. At this place once again a very warm greeting to Silvia whose voice had impressed not only me. And, last but not least, of course many thanks to the teacher - Mrs. Kirsten Reichl - who finally provided for an unforgettable morning to everyone.

That shows to me that this wunderful hobby of model railways in association with the internet can bring people together who perhaps wouldn't have never met at all. It is the motivation for me to continue on this area as a "normal crazy one"...(-;

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