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On the following pages you will find some additional information about my person. I don't want to bore anybody with the course of my life, I'm sure there are more interesting ones. But some informations should be emphasized for the reason of a better understanding of the historical and geographical relations.

I grew up like 17 million other citizens (at last there weren't so many left) in a state that doesn't exist anymore but kept in mind of some people. As a physical handicapped person I had got to know many shady sides of this state especially due to my activities in a group being accomodated in an ecclesiastical domicile in the early eighties. But this doesn't mean that everything was bad; some institutions of this state hadn't been the worst (for instance the overall education). Even by these institutions I had the opportunity to get basical knowledge being urgently needed in the handling of computer and Internet.

Nevertheless due to the lack on freedom of opinion this state structure didn't offer any additional possibilities for a sufficient personal development to me (and for other people too!) and therefore it wasn't able to survive. Keeping the limited physical mobility in mind I don't want to miss the present possibilities of world-wide communication and the relating exchange of imaginations and ideas, and that's why this state "G.D.R." is even only history to me although it has been in existance not more than a few years ago. Today it makes somebody smile seeing the the former efforts to overcome the lack (paradox: you had enough of it!) on everything you need daily. People from other regions of Germany or Europe react only with an uncomprehending shaking of their heads, if I told stories from that time. Moreover, in the meantime, there are some efforts of making the past nice and easy which doesn't correspond the state of that time and, in my humble opinion, which is dangerous. To increase the understanding of this part of the german history I try a little bit to present some facts of my life on that historical background.

A hobby being left from those times is the photography. The camera equipment from those days still exist und works with good results. Since a digital camera compared to the conventional photography has still to make up some arrears in resolution and image sharpness, the VLC 3 of Practica cannot be rejected yet. But this equipment is getting older and older, sometime in the future I will have to look for a new one. In the meantime, I got a new one for the quick snap shots: a "Yashica T5" allowing me to make photos with a distance up to 35 cm/14 inches. It won't replace the VLC, but it will save the old one.

In the year 2000, video editing on the computer became possible realized by an AV MASTER 2000 video card. With the aid of this equipment I got the acquaintance with moving images and learned to appreciate it as a possibility to express thoughts and moods of my own. But the trouble in handling Windows 98 with this special equipment and some activities of Microsoft in relation to TCPA I can't agree with let me made my mind up about changing the tool "computer". May be that I'm just a little bit paranoid. A cause to make this decisive step was (again) on one side a big crash of the windows system short before the next regular data saving - with greetings from Murphy )-: - during video editing with the danger to lose the results of 3 weeks of hard work. On the other side, there was the gap between the promise of windows as a system being nice to handle and easy to save and the reality where a fresh actual windows system keeps enough trash and viruses during the first minutes of use in the Internet to go down. That isn't quite the right argument to get rookies interested for this technology.

It is evidential to me that I can't get a system with a operating safety of 100%. This technique was designed by people and, therefore, it contains faults. Safety is not a eternal state at all but it is a dynamic process requiring mental mobility and continuous learning. But it disturbs me increasingly that a "Global Player" as Microsoft offered products with considerable inherent faults continuously on a way I could notice something like "learning resistance". In a practical way, thus it doesn't only mean the change of hardware but it includes a completely different philosophy in handling of this highly-intelligent technique. A member of the german community MacUser pointed out my personal situation: "Ich habe einen Mac, weil mir Windows zu blöd ist und ich für Linux zu blöd bin. (I have a Mac because Windows is too stupid to me and I'm too stupid to Linux)" After several month of training time I can conclude that I'd never worked with such a stable system running save and easy ever before. Moreover, this system even processes data being produced on a Windows system in the early 90's and which can't be recognized even by Windows in an actual version. Related to this the Apple/Mac OSX system is that system to me which Intel/Windows wanted to be for years.

From time to time I go on travelling to get the acquaintance of new people. On these pages I'll show pictures that have been taken by the way on that travelling. They include not only the problems of disabled people or something about my hobbies but also show things that I noticed on the way.

I wish everybody who visit these pages a lot of fun.

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